Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to modify my ERP to get PerimeterMFA protection?

Q. Can I use this for applications in a Vendor's Cloud?

Q. How long does it take to install the PerimeterMFA System?

Q. What happens if a user forgets their mobile phone? How would they access the system?

Q. How do the Biometrics work?

Q. Can I set up some users with TOTP and some users with Pattern Unlock?

Q. Can I customize the Phone Call instruction message?

Q. Do I have to use the Telephony and SMS Messaging features?

Q. Can I change the Caller ID?

Q. Can I control what information is in the QR Code?

Q. Does this integrate with my monitoring or ticketing system?

Q. Can I turn off PerimeterMFA protection for users inside our main office or using our VPN?

Q. Can I use the PerimeterMFA System with other applications besides my ERP?

Q. What is a user lockout?

Q. How do I unlock a user?

Q. What about integration with my in-house systems?

Q. Can we change the look and feel of the PerimeterMFA Screens?

Q. What if the user gets a new phone and needs to re-scan their QR code?

Q. Where does my users' login data go?

Q. Can we send phishers to a honeypot system?

Q. What about other protocols like RDP, Telnet or SSH?