Multi-Factor Authentication for the Entire Enterprise

Cost effective enterprise MFA protection for all of your systems, all of your users, all of the time.

Because every user deserves protection.

Current Hack Attempts

The number of attempted breaches on Microsoft's Cloud since you loaded this page. [reference]

How many attempts does it take someone before someone gets into your systems?

In this day and age, companies not using multi-factor authentication place themselves and their clients at a huge risk. What once seemed the realm of highly secure environments such as government institutions or financial organizations is now commonplace and necessary.

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At Mockenhaupt Technologies, we effectively neutralize the vulnerabilities
that account for 99.9% of these data breaches.

Key Features

PerimeterMFA supports various assurance factors so you can balance security and user productivity.

  • FIDO2 Security Keys
  • Adaptive Technologies
  • TOTP, SMS, Telephony
  • Knowledge-Based Assets
  • One Touch Phone Unlock

Easy implementation Installs in hours - not days or months

On-Premise Apps Works with all your applications

Hosted Apps Easily add MFA to your Vendor-Hosted applications

No need to copy or replicate your Active Directory No data ever leaves your data center

Add protection for all your *NIX boxes. Native protection for SSH and Telnet access

Add protection for all your Windows boxes. Native protection for console or RDP access

No client installs Never an install on client computers or mobile devices

Integrate with your Help Desk Robust REST API allows for full integration with your Help Desk

Affordable Protection Protect all of your systems and all of your users

Flexibility to meet the most demanding security requirements

Static Questions Stops automated access attempts (spray and pray, credential stuffing) and mitigates the risk of compromised credentials from user id and password reuse by requiring the user to answer a configurable unique question.

What color is a blue apple?

What color is grass?

Dynamic Questions Higher assurance knowledge based factor to defeat more complex automated attacks or determined directed attacks. Questions and answers are generated from enterprise systems or internal data sources that only the user will know.

What is the last phone number you called from your office phone today?

Text Me A configurable SMS (text) message is sent to the user's mobile phone. This is usually a six or more digit code that is entered in the secondary challenge screen. Text Me is a moderate assurance and typically out-of-band possession based factor.

Call Me Out-of-band possession based factor that requires the user to press a key or keys to enable access. Call Me can be used with mobile phones or landlines and combined with our unique Adaptives to add additional capabilities.

Please press 1 to access your system.

SmarterUnlock™ Gives users the ability to unlock target systems with one click. SmarterUnlock leverages the utilities and apps already on the user's mobile device so there is nothing to download or install. There are no incremental security or privacy risks from proprietary apps that have to be installed on the user's device.

Authenticator App PerimeterMFA works with all major Authenticator Applications so users can leverage processes and technologies that they are already familiar with and using. These high assurance, out of band possession factors can be further refined by using our unique Adaptives.

FIDO2 Security Keys Use popular USB Security Keys to access your system, or enable BlueTooth or NFC and unlock the system with a tap of your phone.

Custom Challenges Create custom challenge screens based on your security needs and your user communnity

Flexible Registration Customize the sign up and enrollment process to allow for self registration. Use Adaptives to enforce location based enrollment policies or to validate known phone numbers, devices, or IP address geolocation.

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